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Choose from a Range of Quality Building Services

Build a HomeIf you are looking for building services which can offer comprehensive building solutions, you are in the right place; Building Services Builders is the place to call. Our expertise allows us to provide our valued clients with every building service possible with the greatest degree of professionalism and efficiency. We have a strong network of multi-skilled individuals adept at a whole host of services including carpentry, extensions, basements and period conversions. Even though these tasks include similar basic skill sets, we make no assumptions about the nature of the work. We let our customers tell us what they need doing and we act accordingly before rushing in to anything and doing a bad job. For a free quote, give our team a call on 020 3744 9799 - you are sure to be surprised at the value for money we offer.

Our team of professional builders are all well versed in the art and science of building, joinery, plumbing and electrical work. This means that you won’t need to hire a whole team of workers who can each perform one job; having less people around means less labour charges for you. And, you know what they say about too many cooks spoiling the broth. We keep our team size down to a minimum to minimise them getting in each others way. A small but effective skeleton team of building professionals is the most cost effective and efficient way of managing any building contact.

Our builders are always friendly and approachable. They know the importance of quality customer service; your work can be as professional as possible, but being rude to the customer and not listening to their needs still means a poorly executed job, whether it’s a commercial or domestic project. There’s nothing worse than doing a job which isn’t what the customer actually asked for. For one, it’s a big waste of time for us, for two, it’s a big waste of time for the customer. This is the sort of attitude we neither tolerate nor practice. We are careful and professional at all times.

Building ContractorsAs well as offering complete refurbishments, Building Services Builders can also design and construct fully new builds from the ground up. Using our professional connections such as architects and interior designers, we are certain we can come up with the ideal house, business or even large scale residential development which satisfies you. Whether you are looking to build a small one bedroom cottage somewhere, set up a glass and concrete office or are planning a home renovation, we are able to work with you at brilliant low rates which truly outshine the competition.

Are you looking to branch out a little? Get the extension you always wanted with our affordable building service. Extending the size of your home doesn’t have to be a scary task when we are around to help you. In fact, it’s just as easy as giving us a call, telling us what to do and then you can relax while we do all of the work. Whether you want a conservatory, a decking or just a bit bigger kitchen, we are the builders to call in for the job.

Period renovations can be a tricky job, especially when trying to adhere to the original design which was constructed using different materials and methods. The lucky thing is that our team are so experienced with them they can make it look seamless. To get a no-obligations quote for free, based on your unique needs, requirements and situation, give our building professionals a call on 020 3744 9799 - we aim to satisfy your needs with professional building services, quality work and meticulous attention to detail.