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Contact us Today and Get the Best Plastering Service

Plastering and SkimmingBuilding Services Builders is a professional plastering service which offers high quality work to commercial and domestic clients. We are fully qualified to carry out all types of plastering, so if you would like us to come and carry out an evaluation, we would be happy to meet up and assess the situation to give you a quote. Otherwise, we can give you a free no-obligations quote over the phone if you call us on 020 3744 9799. You can speak to one of our plasterers who would be happy to talk to you and give you advice depending on your situation and personal needs. This way, we can get a real picture of what you need and work out how best to deliver you a unique plastering solution.

Plastering is a vital process when building a new home or business, or renovating an existing one. We are very trustworthy and dependable, working with our colleagues who provide other excellent building services. We are all components of one comprehensive network of designers, plumbers, carpenters and so on. If you require a speedy, high quality solution to a plastering job, we can deliver instantly using the highest quality materials and cutting costs on labour for you by working hard and efficiently. Also, since we are based in the local area it won’t cost you much in the way of travel expenses because we won’t need to drive far to meet you. We are always thinking of the best ways to lower the costs and provide a universally affordable service to meet all budgets.

Painting New PlasterOne of the many plastering services we carry out is repairs. We can seamlessly blend our work in to existing fixtures, whether it is a period home or a new build, we can repair cracks and imperfections in walls or ceilings with ease. This is handy as part of our period home renovations package, working along with our partners who do joinery and carpentry, we make a fast, multi-skilled team of experts. We can also create or copy decorative mouldings above doors, on ceilings and in those lovely Victorian light fixtures. We can match our work with the original period features if you live in an old house, or we can create stylish mouldings to give your home a bit of decorative flair. 

Our services include plasterers which are fully equipped, ready to work, trained well to arrive at the premises with a great working attitude. We provide competitive pricing which also outshines the competition just on the merits of its quality. We are used to working with projects such as extensions, also, so if you’re looking to build a little extra out of your home or business, we can help you out. We work alongside professionals with superior skills dealing with extensions and renovations, so we can provide you with a comprehensive package to meet all your needs.

If you’re worried about how much it might end up costing you, you should give our team of plastering professionals a call on 020 3744 9799 so we can put your mind at rest. We will prove to you that plastering work can be and is available to everyone who knows about our firm, Building Services Builders. When you call us, you will be talking to a real professional who knows the trade and is able to talk to you on the level that a plasterer would be able to. That’s very important to us since we need our customers to feel like they are getting the same quality quote estimates that they would be getting from a plasterer, not just someone in a call centre.