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Get in Touch with us and Forget about Your Plumbing Chores

Plumbing ServicesAt Building Services Builders all of our plumbers understand the complete importance of plumbing work. It is such a vital process because water damage can be disastrous. This is why we work to ensure that you will be thoroughly protected from any plumbing issues that may arise. We deal with all sorts of problems on a daily basis, ranging from burst pipes and radiators to blocked sinks and toilets. We are able to deal with all of these things quickly and effectively because we have such a great deal of experience in the field.

Plumbing emergencies need to be responded to with a lightning fast reaction time. This is because water, by its very nature, gets everywhere that it shouldn’t very, very quickly. We are locally based so are able to come to the rescue with speed if anything should go wrong for you. Even if your problem is less urgent, we also deal with leaky taps which can be a nuisance over time if they aren’t dealt with. Absolutely any water related problem that you come across can be solved by our plumbers, who know everything there is to know about pipes, taps, toilets, drains, sinks and the flow of water.

There are plenty of reasons that drains and sinks can become blocked. Things like food going down the sink, oil building up in the pipes, excessive lime-scale and all sorts of things out of your control. When it does happen, it can create bad smells which are very unpleasant to deal with. We don’t mind! We are willing to tackle any plumbing issue head on as long as it gains customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our brilliant service, it is a key part of our company, the plumbing section. Along with the builders, joiners, carpenters and painters, we serve the local area extensively with a wide variety of effective packages designed to meet a huge range of needs, such as bathroom fittings, kitchen refurbishments, boiler repairs or whole house renovations.

PlumberDon’t put off getting a leaky pipe fixed. It can cause real problems in the long run, as can a slow-draining sink. One day you will find it won’t drain at all and wish you had done something sooner. When that does happen, you can always call us out and we will respond as fast as it is possible to do so with polite and helpful services. It can cost you a lot more in the long run if you put off fixing things. Imagine if your pipes burst on the first floor, draining through the ceiling, it would cause excessive damage to the masonry as well as to the pipes, bathroom and kitchen. It’s a better idea to deal with any problem when it’s surfacing to avoid it developing into a fully blown disaster somewhere down the line. That will inevitably cost you much more than just getting someone in to tighten a connection somewhere in the pipes!

As well as repairs we offer full plumbing installation for new builds. This exciting service will see the water flow up and running in no time, without stress, hassle or hitches. For a fully realistic, free, no-obligations quote or evaluation, call one of our plumbing experts on 020 3744 9799. We are here to give you real help and advice, not just tell you what you want to hear and not back it up like some companies do which is a practice we want to move away from. Our quotes are always affordable and reasonable because we want to offer a fair priced, customisable plumbing service to our valued clients.