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Save Money and Time – hire our Painting Professionals

PaintersWe offer specialist painting and decorating services for affordable rates, never sacrificing the quality of the work. Building Services Builders can work either with commercial or domestic jobs, interior or exterior, no matter what the surface or location is, we can paint it. One of our services is home interior painting. If you are redecorating and your walls don’t fit your new colour scheme, or they are looking old and flakey, give our painting experts a call on 020 3744 9799 to get a realistic quote based on your needs and requirements. We always try to keep prices very affordable by working quickly and efficiently. That saves you money on labour time costs, which is very desirable when working with decorators.

All you have to do is specify the colour and we can do the rest. Relax and allow us to make your walls and ceilings look as brilliant as they should do, all shiny and new. When applying the paint, we can also give you a strong defense against damp problems in the future. Safeguarding your walls against damp is one of the best things you can do to ensure the future aesthetic of your home, whether it’s a new build or a period home, it’s always worth doing. We can paint a new home from start to finish, without causing you any stress or hassle. It’s all part of our comprehensive building services which can completely remodel a home from scratch or from a design.

In addition to painting the interior walls, we can also paint the exterior features too, such as the walls, window frames, fences and decking. This includes wood staining and treatment also, to ensure the safety of the wood in the future. We always work with the future of the job in mind. After we’ve gone, we don’t want everything falling apart. That’s why we make sure everything is protected against time and the elements as much as we can - we do this by treating for damp and by treating the wood so it is fit to survive any weather.

Exterior PaintingTo prepare for the painting, we would string down the old paint and make the wall in to a blank canvas. This saves you the awful hassle of having to peel and chip at the wall without necessarily the right know-how to get the job done quickly. Our team of painters have a great deal of experience with every element of painting and decorating, so we can get things done much quicker than most companies. We work towards high quality at all times, combined with a quick completion time to save you extra labour costs. This is our main priority: proving an affordable, high quality service which shows genuine care for the needs of the customer. We accomplish this by taking extra time to pay attention to detail in every situation.

If you would like to hear more about our quality painting and decorating company, Building Services Builders, then it would be a good plan to give us a call for a free quote and advice on 020 3744 9799. When you get in touch with us over the phone we are able to resolve any worries that you might have about the cost, since our quotes are always realistic and affordable. They always take in to account your unique situation in order to tailor a perfect painting and decorating package for you. This care and attention makes us the leading local painters, since we always bring a fresh attitude to our work in order to treat every job like a fresh case, making no assumptions at all.